Crisis Fundraising Alert!

Fundraising in Action is a new series of posts following a campaign to raise money for Crisis, the homeless charity.

Here’s the deal. Julia, my sister, is going to run the length of Britain - John O’Groats to Land’s End. That’s normally 874 miles. But because she is doing it to raise money for Crisis "Julia’s JOGLE" will visit nearly all Crisis’ Skylight Centre’s on the way. That makes it a journey of 1051 miles. And here’s the kicker- she is doing it barefoot!

It starts May 12th 2022 her 63rd birthday- it takes a bit of time to train for this !! And you will be able to follow her journey as it develops, on her website

The other thing you can do is donate and get your friends to donate. Use the Just Giving page on the website.

Together we will end homelessness.